Welcome to my Website. This is a global space for my life’s media work. You’ll find everything from my journalism work as I cover topics and stories of world interest to my diary where I share the personal experiences of who I am. I share it all here because what I do cannot be separated from who I am. I do what I do because of who I am. I am a seeker, revealer, and communicator of truth. Truth is what I offer to humanity.

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Deborah Robinsonis an award-winning journalist, author, producer, documentary filmmaker, and television personality.




Deborah’s OPinionated-EDitorial on Life, Politics, Religion & The Media can be read in Arkansas Talks Newspaper and various online newspapers and sites.

Governor Hutchinson, here is your Humanity? After 12 years without executions, Arkansas has set the lethal injection dates to kill eight men; four dates – two men each day – over the span of 10 days. That’s how Governor Asa Hutchinson has decided to “fulfill the requirement of the law” and execute every man on death row who has exhausted his legal appeals. Governor Hutchinson, really? Where is your humanity? MORE.


Deborah is currently filing reports on the executions of 8 men on Arkansas’ death row and Juveniles serving life without parole.

If you have information concerning these stories, please contact us.



After a decade without executions, Arkansas is preparing to kill 8 men. Their executions are imminent. They’re Out of Time!

But while they still live – in the months, days, and moments they are still alive – they have agreed to tell Deborah their life stories – to use their very lives in hopes of saving other lives. Meet the 8 men and follow their journey through their books and this video web series.


THE DEBORAH INTERVIEWS SHOW is an interview, talk and Seriously Entertaining experience produced for television and live stage. The show engages in lively, unrehearsed, spontaneous, interactive, yet in-depth and challenging conversations, including no-holds-barred open-mic discussions, and Deborah goes one-on-one with the most intriguing celebrities, entertainers, and newsmakers in the most provocative interviews available on television or on a live stage. Watch the show.

CONVERSATIONS w/ ARKANSAS GOVERNORS covers 43 years of Arkansas history as six governors – David Pryor, Bill Clinton, Jim Guy Tucker, Mike Huckabee, Mike Beebe, and Asa Hutchinson – each join us separately for up-close, in-depth conversations about their contributions to the past, present, and future of the State and Country. Watch CONVERSATIONS and join us for a live recording.

AT HOME LAS VEGAS features the PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS that make Las Vegas one of the most desired vacation destinations and the perfect place to call home.








Journey To Purpose is a motivating, edifying and provoking book, journal and seminar for anyone truly seeking to faithfully live his or her life’s purpose. With emphasis on praying, trusting, seeking, resisting, obeying, working, waiting, believing and praising God, Journey To Purpose will help you in your journey to fulfill your life’s purpose. With a strong emphasis on everyday living, Faith Declarations cover issues of faith, love, holiness, submission, forgiveness, repentance, sacrifice, vision, purpose, grace, favor, mercy, waiting, patience, strength, warfare, suffering, discipline, healing, deliverance, praise, worship and much more! Read the book, take the Journey to Purpose e-Seminar, and listen to the Summit.

DAISY BATES: IN HER OWN WORDSbook tells the story of the integration efforts at Little Rock Central High School in the words of Daisy Bates, a key figure in the integration crisis. Using manuscripts, media interviews, documents, personal encounters and personal interviews, author Deborah weaves Bates’ own words to reveal compelling details and behind the scenes stories of her life and involvement in the crisis at Central High School. Watch Deborah’s award-winning videos about Daisy Bates and check back for info on where to view the In Her Own Words Exhibit.

In light of imminent national immigration reform, Editors Deborah Robinson and Mona Parsa asked 25 of the TOP LEGAL MINDS in the Country this question: If you were called upon by the President of the United States to recommend a piece of immigration legislation that could pass the legal test of the U.S. Constitution and both houses of Congress, what would it include? This book is their answer. Legal Briefs on IMMIGRATION REFORM from 25 of the TOP LEGAL MINDS in the Country is a comprehensive and extensive compilation of brief legal opinions, observations and analyses on the issue of immigration reform. It is a must-read resource for anyone interested in the future of America. Watch interviews with the Legal Minds and read the book.

Writing as Lady Silverstone, Marion Napoleon presents the first book in a captivating real-life series based upon her personal life experiences. Darkest Hour tells how a young girl, tattered by poverty and shattered by life itself, finally faces her demons and emerges into womanhood with confidence, strength, and wisdom.If you are struggling with your sexual identity, a broken marriage, guilt of a rape or molestation, broken family relationships or dealing with life itself, Lady Silverstone’s Darkest Hour will provide light in that very dark, hidden place in your heart. How did I get here? What is happening to me? And where in this hell is God?Read an interview with the author.

Keith Vincent Dunbar was convicted by the United States Federal Government of Conspiracy. He offered no defense. Now, after serving more than a decade in Federal Prison, Dunbar presents his case – against the Government. See who really conspired against whom? This is Dunbar’s defense. It’s his saving grace. It is his redemption. Watch the trailer.

Watch Deborah’s interview with the author and find out more about the book.

After a decade without executions, Arkansas is preparing to kill 8 men. Unfortunately, their executions are imminent. They’re Out of Time! But while they still live – in the months, days, and moments they are still alive – they have agreed to tell Deborah their life stories – to use their very lives in hopes of saving other lives. Meet the 8 men and follow their journey through their books and watch the video web series.

12 years ago, Tommy McIntosh embarked upon the monumental task of writing his life story. Only God knows where this story ends for me. But I know where it began.”
On Monday, January 17, 2005, his wife shot and killed him. I don’t want to die without my children knowing who I am and what I stand for.”Now, almost 12 years after his death, Deborah works to complete Tommy’s book. You’ve got to die to live.” This is Tommy McIntosh’s life story. Watch Deborah’s tribute to Tommy and read about his life.

Information coming soon.




Every life has a story and every story should be told. If your life story could be a best-selling book, but it remains… UNWRITTEN – this MASTER CLASS is for you! Join Deborah for an intensive MASTER CLASS for true-to-life, non-fiction, autobiographical, and memoir writing. If you’re getting that prodding from within or from others to tell your life story in book form, you owe it to yourself to attend this MASTER CLASS. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional writer or not. The only consideration is this: Can the truths of your life make a positive impact on others? Do you have a story to tell? This UNWRITTEN MASTER CLASS is not textbook or Internet research, it’s actual techniques and processes Deborah has developed and personally use in writing books. The processes aren’t hard, but you must get started. Don’t let another year go by with your book remaining inside of you… UNWRITTEN.




The Journey to Purpose In 31 Days Life Class is an online intensive 31-day study and application of the 31 Faith Declarations found in Deborah’s book, Journey to Purpose.  In 31 days, you will learn how to start your journey to purpose.  If you know what  your purpose is, you’ll learn how to maintain the strength to keep going.  And if you’re at the precipice of your promise, you’ll learn how to cross over.  In these 31 Days, you’ll receive the faith you need to continue your journey to purpose. Get immediate access. 




Women, join us over 5 days for this NO COST JOURNEY TO FREEDOM Summit as Deborah interviews 15 psychologists, experts, counselors, coaches, authors, narcissists, and those who have been abused help us to Recognize and Recover from Narcissistic Abuse.

With the political rise of Donald Trump, the word narcissist has become trivialized with little regard to the effects narcissists have on their family relationships, especially their significant others. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a serious mental disorder. There is significant psychological and spiritual trauma that those in close relationship with narcissists suffer. This trauma is caused by abuse. This Summit can set you on your Journey to Freedom. 

Start your JOURNEY TO FREEDOM by register now. It’s absolutely free.

Answer questions now to see if you may be in a relationship with a narcissist and suffering narcissistic abuse.





Reflective. Thoughtful. Open. Honest. Deeply Personal. Deborah has kept a journal or diary since her early teens. She documents her thoughts, feelings, failures, and triumphs daily. Read intimate writings from Deborah’s personal Diary as she shares several times a week. What are her inspirations, aspirations, joys, and fears? Through audio, video and text, Deborah bears it all. Why? Because maybe the lessons of her life can change your life. Read Deborah’s Diary.


After a decade without executions, Arkansas is preparing to kill 8 men. Unfortunately, their executions are imminent. They’re Out of Time! But while they still live – in the months, days, and moments they are still alive – they have agreed to tell Deborah their life stories – to use their very lives in hopes of saving other lives. Meet the 8 men and follow their journey through their books and this video web series.



The State of Arkansas had no crime scene evidence to connect Lee to the murder of Debra Reese. They had nothing to put Lee at teh scene of teh murder. They collected prints from the murder weapon that did not belong to Lee. They had shoe prints from the murder scene that did not belong to Lee. Lee had no blood evidence from the victim on his clothes or body when they areested him only hours after the murder. With alibi witnesses to show where Lee was at the time of the murder an no direct evidence to prove he was at the scene of the murder, Ledell Lee is INNOCENT.


DEBORAH Live! gives you access behind the scenes of Deborah’s life and media work. Watch the processes of creating different forms of media and get up-close and personal to see what it takes to get the interview, produce the shows, run the business, and simply live life.This is unprecedented access to the media work of Deborah – live as it happens – on Facebook Live, You Tube, and Periscope. Deborah is living the life she loves and loving the life she lives. Connect and watch episodes of DEBORAH Live!


Deborah, Inc. ~ The Business of Being Me airs on and simulcasts on Deborah’s Facebook Live page. Deborah discusses how she runs her businesses. Connect and watch episodes of DEBORAH’s Q&A.


DEBORAH Vooks & Vlogs are video books and video blogsConnect and watch episodes of DEBORAH Vooks & Vlogs – Coming Soon.





documentary chronicles Daisy Bates‘ involvement in the Crisis at Central High. Narrated by Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee and Deborah, this documentary includes dramatic footage and photos of the Crisis at Central High and features the voice of Daisy Bates giving account of the Crisis… In Her Own Words. Watch Deborah’s award-winning videos about Daisy Bates and check back for info on where to view the In Her Own Words Exhibit.

REASONABLE SUSPICIONgives voice to Americans and Immigrants on both sides of the immigration issue. VIDEO AND DETAILS COMING SOON.

AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES IN LITTLE ROCK features 10 promising African American males in Little Rock. VIDEO AND DETAILS COMING SOON. 







etc. [Extensive Training & Coaching] for Financial Freedom is an online personal finance and money management course offering financial, business, spiritual, and life lessons taught by experts and designed to teach you how to use money to achieve personal financial freedom. MORE DETAILS COMING SOON.

THE NATURE OF MONEY with Ronald G. Wayne, one of the founders of Apple, is the product of decades of research and observation into the evolution of human governance and the foundation of the world’s monetary systems. Through his keen analysis, Wayne introduces participants to a complete, yet simplified understanding of the nature of money and the essential meaning of its structure all in the context of today’s modern living. DETAILS COMING SOON.



THE ACT OF KILLING was the first of the DEBORAH PRESENTS… series of events as Deborah presents films, concerts, conferences, authors, speakers, artists, celebrities, entertainers, politicians and newsmakers in Seriously Entertaining live stage and theater events combined with interviews and discussions. Rich with contemporary issues of history, politics, international relations, and war, THE ACT OF KILLING offers the perfect backdrop for a serious discussion after the film on Indonesia now, US foreign policy, our human propensity for violence and our humane need for truth, peace and reconciliation.time. AFTER SHOW DISCUSSION AVAILABLE SOON.

In this Las Vegas show, Deborah Presents… A Tribute to Luther Vandross. In the world of contemporary music, there are just a handful of superstars whose first name alone brings instant recognition. One name towers above the rest in any discussion of black male singers whose impact and influence has been unparalleled. Say the name “Luther” and record buyers the world over respond immediately. The fact is, Luther Vandross was, and always will be, the pre-eminent black male vocalist of our time. Check back for details of the new Las Vegas show. PAST SHOW REHEARSALS AND PHOTOS AVAILABLE SOON.



THE LIVING PROOF Conference is a motivational, inspirational and educational experience developed to encourage and offer support to women on government assistance.  Facilitated by Deborah, THE LIVING PROOF Conference features authors, life coaches and motivational speakers as Living Proof that women can overcome their current conditions and live productive, purposeful and prosperous lives. MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON.



DAISY BATES: IN HER OWN WORDS is a photographic exhibit from the book with the same title. It is as much a story in photos and documents as it is in words. Commissioned originally by The University Museum & Cultural Center – University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff, photos from the book of these historical times are used – without retouching or corrections – to tell the story of the Crisis at Central High School and the Civil Rights era through the eyes of Daisy Bates. Documents and letters, many worn with the vestiges of time, are combined with select quotes to allow viewers to put the events in Daisy Bates’ life in historical perspective. Watch Deborah’s award-winning videos about Daisy Bates and check back for info on where to view the In Her Own Words Exhibit.




The 9/11 RESEARCH PROJECT brings together some of the best investigative, independent, student, and citizen journalists to research and investigate 9/11 to determine what happened to cause and what happened during the events on September 11, 2001.Our mission goes past RESEARCH to REVEAL the truth, REPORT our findings, RECTIFY the tragic events, and our call to action – to seek moral, spiritual, and/or legal RELIEF and RESTORATION for 9/11 victims, citizens of America and international communities affected by the tragic events on 9/11.If you are interested in contributing research to The 9/11 Research Project, CONTACT US.  


The United States is 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s imprisoned population. THE PRISON PROJECT tells the stories of men and women in prison, takes a look at how the privatization of state prisons affect inmates and their families and seeks to remedy many of the ill-effects on imprisonment. If you have a loved one in prison and would like to join THE PRISON PROJECT…



We are a company of Journalists, Attorney’s Investigators, Social and Political Activists, and Workers in Public Policy, Governance, Business, and the Non-Profit sectors.

We provide extensive research to reveal facts and truths that we report via the media directly to the court of public opinion in an effort to rectify injustices by causing social, physical, moral, spiritual, financial, and/or legal relief and restoration.

DEN – DEBORAH ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK – is an internet television and radio network with Seriously Entertaining programming

The DEN is the official broadcast studio for DEN. It is a live internet broadcast and video production facility offering 12 studios to broadcast live internet, television, radio, social media, vlogs, classes, seminars, workshops, webinars, events, talks, speeches, etc.

Deborah has partnered with myEcon, the personal financial success company, to power etc. and raise money for her media work. Watch the video above and get more information here.

dinc., Deborah, Inc., is the umbrella company for all of Deborah’s media work.As a media company, our assets are100% intellectual property.

emmc, an entertainment media &management company formed to produce, promote and manage select entertainmentand media personalities & projects.
emmc manages Deborah and her media work.

Robinson Omnimedia & Studios was founded on Deborah’s media work. Our mission is to create media projects that make a difference, change lives, enlighten, empower, educate, illuminate, and inspire.

ROBINSON & ROBINSON is a media collaboration between photographer Roger Robinson and Deborah as producer. For more than 25 years, the two have worked together to cover stories and events all over the world.Documenting Arkansas History – Conquering the World.

With love, we bake anything. Melt in your mouth sweetness! Special requests anytime. Sweethearts.



Prayer Sanctuary is a 24-hour prayer facility shared by all spiritual beliefs and religious faiths. Opening January 1, 2018.

I’m not my sister’s keeper. I am my sister. SISTERING SISTERS is an organization of women supporting women.

A special heartfelt thanks to everyone who gave and offered prayers for the families of Arkansas Death Row inmates. We raised over $10,000 to pay for cremations, funerals, visits, and other related expenses. But, executions in Arkansas are not over and there must be justice for Ledell Lee. Your help is still needed.

The dinc. Foundationis the philanthropic arm of Deborah, Inc. and Deborah’s media work.

Green Orchards is a global initiative and humanitarian effort to relieve poverty, disease, and famine in indigent areas around the world by developing sustainable initiatives to live healthy, green lifestyles.

Shop Deborah’s Closet for new and slightly worn clothes, shoes, and accessories out of Deborah’s personal closet. Sales benefit the DINC. Foundation. SHOP SOON.





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