My name is Deborah Robinson. I’m an award-winning journalist, author, producer, documentary filmmaker, and television personality. My passion and purpose are to seek, reveal, and communicate truth through my work in the media. My desire is to produce media projects that make a difference, change lives, enlighten, empower, educate, illuminate and inspire.

Deborah is the Author and Executive Producer of OUT OF TIME. She currently hosts The Deborah Interviews Show and Conversations with Arkansas Governors.

More About Deborah

I have embarked upon this media project to tell the stories of these 8 men on Arkansas’ death row. This project has the potential to greatly impact the conversation on capital punishment.

As an independent journalist, writer and producer, I invest my time and finances because the stories must be told. But for this one, I could use your help.

Please consider making a donation to the project. Whether you’re a business, church, organization, or individual, any amount of financial support is appreciated and every dollar will help us move the project forward to meet our imminent deadline.



The execution dates for the 8 men are set. Our goal is to show the humanity of these 8 men until they receive a permanent stay of execution or until their lives are taken. We must work expeditiously to gather the men’s stories and be prepared to release the books at any time. The clock is ticking. We will soon be Out Of Time!


OUT OF TIME is more than just another capital punishment project, it reveals the humanity of 8 men who are OUT OF TIME and awaiting their execution dates. It presents a fresh new paradigm for considering and discussing the death penalty.

One of the inmates asked if I would take the final walk with him and witness his executions.  No one wants to die alone. As a final act of compassion, I have agreed to be there for him, if allowed. Through my eyes, readers of the books and viewers of the web series will be able to experience what the death penalty looks and feels like.

I have seen the impact of my media work change lives. A story I produced was used to convict a police officer of the wrongful deaths of 2 teenagers. I also produced the life story of a young man killed in a drive-by shooting. That story was used to garner a confession from the killer who then received a sentence of life in prison instead of the death penalty.

I have seen the power of media make a positive difference in the outcome of many situations. Through this media project, YOU have the power to determine, create, and cause change in this nation and around the world. 

Together we can do it!





You decide how much you’d like to donate. Funds will be used to:

  • visit the inmates
  • make calls
  • send emails
  • write letters
  • conduct research on their cases
  • conduct interviews with family, friends and the victims’ families
  • provide mp3’s to the inmates to communicate via email
  • audio and videotape our communications
  • write the stories
  • design book covers
  • print books
  • publish books
  • distribute books to lawmakers
  • produce, shoot, and edit the web series
  • build and maintain the website
  • create graphics
  • market the project, etc.

Thank you!


Every contribution, whether $1 or $50, helps us publish these 8 life stories. Multiply the value of your support by helping us to spread the word about OUT OF TIME. Here are some ways you can help!

  • Adopt OUT OF TIME within your message, brand, or organization as a project you support.
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