From Minister Kenneth Williams

The ADC told me ahead of time
Allowed the threat to saturate my mind
The shot fired before the bullet finds It’s mark
Words intended to make a man lose heart
We’re here to cause your death
To make it that you harm no one else
Will keep doing it until none of you are left
The Language we too speak is death
Out with that last breath
My boast is such, how can you possibly sleep
Just knowing it’s a matter of time you’ll be six feet deep
ADC’s treat.
No longer the person you were. It matters not
At the Eleventh hour you will get got
Behind closed doors, Away from the publics’ eyes
They don’t need to see it, they only need to know what time you died
Reserved strictly for the worst-of-the-worst, so it’s said
There are those who know differently, a lot of them are dead
The day they said they would kill me
They were disappointed to find me already dead
I had given my life to Jesus
Take it from him instead

Minister Kenneth Williams