Sometimes I sit, look at my life and marvel at the people, the stories, and the lives that have crossed my path. I don’t take it for granted that people reach out to me (although most times I’m not sure why) and trust me to tell their story, to give the world an imprint that they indeed existed and that they too were important in the big scheme of things. I can’t always cover the story, follow up on the lead or bring attention to the injustice or the favor that viewers bring to my awareness, but I am always affected by the stories… personally. It’s very personal to me when someone asks me into their lives to share their story with me. I believe every life has a story and it should be told. In an attempt to tell more stories, faster and more effectively, we’ve enhanced the publishing arm of Robinson Omnimedia. Although our publishing arm has existed for years as I’ve taken on personal book projects, we’ve now opened it up to consider your life-changing stories for book projects. The process of sharing your life story is profound! It starts within. Right there… with God. Enjoy the journey.

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