This Sunday morning I decided to take a walk in downtown Tacoma.  When I first moved to Tacoma, I would ask everyone I came in contact with which way and when could I see Mt. Rainier.  “It’s over there,” everyone would say, pointing.  But it wasn’t ‘over there’.  I was never able to see it.  I was told that it sometimes hides behind the clouds.

But this morning as I walked the trail I’ve walked many times before, 1 block from my home, I looked ‘over there’ – and there it was!  Mt. Rainier in all her glory!  Perfectly perched seemingly in the middle of the street.  It was so huge, it looked as if I could walk there; although I know it’s really about 45 miles away

So, the most prominent mountain in the United States decided to show itself today.  Giving it more thought, the clouds actually decided to make way for it to show itself.  (The mountain didn’t move, the clouds did.)  The clouds and who knows how many other forces of nature had to work in conjunction this morning for Mt. Rainier to bless us with her glory.

Amazing how nature seems to mimic humans – or humans mimic nature… (thus human nature?)

For example, many people have to work in conjunction to accomplish anything worth accomplishing.  Interestingly, both those who work for and those who work against the outcome – are working in conjunction to accomplish the outcome.

And just as I did not look at Mt. Rainier this morning and thank the clouds, many of the people who make it possible for others to shine are never thanked.  But always remember, Mt. Rainier’s glory would forever be hidden, if the clouds – forgoing their own beauty – did not graciously stand aside to reveal it.

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