I heard someone say to this woman that she had nothing and thought too highly of herself. He told her that she needed to get out of the world she was living in in her head – get out of the clouds, he said – and realize that because she had nothing, she was nothing, and she should stop acting as if she had and were something. My heart cried out to her. I took her for a drive and reminded her that you are not what you have or have not. You are what you think you are. Life is cyclical. Sometimes you have and sometimes you have not. Neither condition determines your value. Neither condition should change what you think of yourself. Money nor things make you. The lack of money or things should not break you. No matter where you are in the cycle of life, no matter what others say about you, and no matter what you have or have not – stay in the clouds. Continue to think highly of yourself. This is most important when you have not. What you are thinking about yourself will determine what you do and what you do will determine whether you continue to have or have not. Now wipe your tears. Don’t let his words break you down. Don’t let his words cause you to think less of yourself. Keep thinking highly of yourself. You were made in the image of God. You are all that you think you are and much more – whether you have… or have not.

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