We have now been in Arizona for over 2 weeks working on the Reasonable Suspicion documentary. We have attended rallies and meetings for and against SB 1070 and we have met die-hards from both sides of the issue. This is the first of our daily blogs on the documentary process.

I received a research DVD on Friday and this morning, I sat down to watch the two-hour documentary that on the surface had nothing to do with immigration. It was sent to me by one of our producers in an effort to add to an angle we’re chasing answers to. For two straight hours, I cried. Not a silent tear, but a gnashing, snotty weeping. In the midst of the tears, all I could say was “God, what are they doing?”

This issue of immigration isn’t what it seems. It’s much more. I am… more than ever before since starting this Reasonable Suspicion documentary… Reasonably Suspicious about the issue of immigration.

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